factory of primary processing of wool

Purchase of unwashed wool.  Primary processing of wool . Sale of washed wool


Our company LTD "Sibwool" is located in the Republic of Khakassia, Siberia, Russia and is one of the few companies in the country engaged in primary processing (washing) of wool.
   For sixteen years we have been engaged in harvesting, primary processing, processing and sale of sheep, goat and camel wool. We use our own equipment for processing wool, as well as for further processing of wool into finished products.


In our factory has installed industrial equipment for high-quality and fast washing of wool. Among other things, our company provides services: carding wool, processing coarse wool and semi-coarse wool for woolen fluff (for further manufacture of very high quality and expensive fabrics).


All the employees of the company perform their work very qualitatively, but we pay maximum attention to the classification of wool, when the wool enters the factory, and also when the washed wool comes out. The washed wool is pressed into bales of 80-100 kg. All produced wool batches undergo laboratory control at our enterprise.
   We work so that our customers can use the wool washed at our factory with confidence.

types of wool for sale

Sell washed semi-coarse wool color - expect receipt
Sell washed semi-coarse light gray wool - expect receipt
sell washed half-thin wool white, 25.1-29.0 mic - 4,58$
sell washed half-thin wool color light 25.1-29.0 mic - 3,22$
sell the washed semi-thin crossbred wool - expect receipt
Sell washed merino wool, 20.6 - 23.0 mic - 7,97$
sell washed goat wool - we accept a reservation

prices are valid as of 14.12.2017


The product is made by carding of the sheep’s wool.
In appearance - homogeneous mass of of carded of downy of fibers.

Physico-chemical parameters of wool down:
Fiber length – from 20 mm to 40 mm
Wool down fiber in diameter 18-22 mm – 95%
intermediate fiber of wool down in diameter 25-27 mm – 3%
fibers awns in diameter 46 mm and above – 2%
Dead hair - random
Color – white
Moisture content – 10-12%
Fat content – up to 0,3%
Herbal impurities - does not contain
Mineral impurities - does not contain
Dandruff - does not contain